Top 10 Summer Relaxation Wishlist

Summer Relaxation Amazon Wishlist

As August approaches, I ask if I have made the most of my summer.  For many teachers out there making the most might include ‘doing the most.’  That might consist of an endless list of errands, a summer job, or caring for our own kids.  While all these tasks are essential, perhaps this summer especially,  productivity may mean unplugging.  So teachers, have you been resting, restoring, and replenishing yourselves this summer break?  If the answer is not so much take this time to evaluate what you want out of these last few weeks of summer.  What will bring you joy?  What memories can you create that you will be able to draw on during the school year?  

Do you know that self-care admin is always talking about??? This is the time!!! If you have NOT been having your best summer yet, please follow the directions of the illustrious Black Eyed Peas, and Let’s Get it Started!  Soak up the sun, read a good book, jump in the pool, slip on some much-needed comfy sandals, or pack it up to catch a flight.  Whatever you do, just feel fabulous while you can!!!   

So, pour up a cup and take a peek at my Amazon Wishlist.  There might be just a few things you NEED to add to your summer vibes.  Pssst.. the adult sippy cup with the snack compartment is a must for the pool this week!

My Summer top 10:

Snackeez Travel Snack & Drink Cup

1. Snackeez Travel Snack & Drink Cup $9.99: This snack cup is EVERYTHING!! I’m not sure where this has been all my life but I’m sure glad I found this.  Now I can have a sip by the pool and have a snack along the way.

2. SOJOS Oversized Vintage Shades: These Insta-worthy pair of vintage sunglasses can block 100% of both UVA and UVB radiation.  I love a new pair of shades, especially ones as chic as these, and only $14.99

3. Cushionaire Women’s Feather Recovery Slide $24.99:  I’m not sure if it’s just me, but working in schools equals foot pain.  While I have been battling plantar fasciitis and let me tell you that supportive footwear is a MUST!  These cuties are as light as feathers and come in so many colors. 

4. She’s Up to No Good by Sara Goodman Confino $4.99: Summer reading isn’t just for kids! DMV local teacher has stirred up an adult fiction novel to cozy up with on your floatie.  If you are a reader who loves armchair travel, Sara Goodman Confino’s “She’s Up to No Good” has you covered. This charming, funny novel sweep you away in a dual-timeline gem that will transport you back in time on an incredible journey of first love and sisterhood.

5. Giant Inflatable Flamingo $29.99: Speaking of flotation devices, this one is the cat’s meow.  Or flamingo, to be exact.  Lounge out on this huge and playful floaty.  Additionally, might I suggest getting an air pump to spare your lungs and your time?  

6. Loretta Cover-Up Dress $20.99Who said comfort can’t be stylish?  This sheer cover-up is perfect for after a dip.  Between you and me, I paired mine with a braided belt to bring the look together.

7. Bowknot Straw Hat $17.99: I’m a sucker for a big hat on a sunny day.  The brim is large and gives full coverage of your face and shoulders. It is a must-buy for these scorching hot days!

8. Vintage Retro Swimsuit $31.99: Oh so adorable with great coverage.  This suite is a fan favorite for good reason.  The material is durable and the fits just right in all the right places.  Also, there are lots of prints to choose from, so go wild!

9.  Metal Fire-pit/Grill/Cooler $36.99:  Without a doubt, this has to be my family’s #1 favorite purchase of the summer.  We have loved making s’mores, kept the bugs at bay, and sat by the fire enjoying the memories. Believe it or not, it does triple duty as a grill and cooler as well!! To top it all off, this fire-pit will still be useful in the fall and winter months too. 

Alvantor Screen House Room Outdoor Camping Tent

10.  Outdoor Canopy Gazebo $119.99: I have what some might call “the sweet blood”.  Thus, mosquitos love dining on me throughout the summer.  While I love the heat, I do not like the bites.  This pop-up Gazebo is the answer to my prayers.  I enjoy the outdoors and now I can enjoy it, bug-free.

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